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My Approach 

As a Relational Counsellor I am trained to work at relational depth with clients and I have undertaken substantial personal therapy myself as part of my personal development and learning. I understand what it is like to be a client. I attend regular Continued Personal Development and training.

I consider myself to be a nurturing and compassionate therapist, but I am also able to alter my style of working to suit your needs best. We can explore what bring you to therapy through talking but also with the help of your favourite poetry, art, music, tv programmes or anything else that holds meaning for you. In our work together, your well-being and self-determination are always of the utmost importance to me.

"Look for the answer inside your question" - Rumi

Sand flowing like time

The therapy process can be challenging. We will also explore what sources of support and strength are available to you. I aim to do this in mindful manner by returning to the present to explore your physical and emotional experiences, in the hope that with greater awareness, you can build more suitable responses and self-support. My work is also holistic as I truly believe in the link between body, mind and soul. Our bodies can give us clues to what is happening in our inner emotional world.

Ending our work together is as important as starting our work together. During our last session/s we will explore how your past relationships ended, but also how you experienced your therapeutic journey: what worked for you and what didn’t work for you.

I try to keep jargon to a minimum, but sometimes I may share or explain some concepts of therapy with you as this knowledge can be of great learning for some clients.

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